My coffee obsession in Hamburg Pt. 2

I have another 3 lovely cafés to share with you today. All of them happen to be located on the west side of the Alster and they’re all recommendable, so get to ordering that sweet, sweet caffeine and enjoying some good food!

The Special Connection

Fischmarkt 11, 22767 Hamburg

Located near the Fischmarkt, The Special Connection is a light and cheery place to meet friends for brunch and to tell each other about the embarrassing sh*t you did the night before. I went there on a Sunday for brunch with two gal pals and one of the things I loved about it was the huge windows that allowed so much light to flow in. And since it’s located near the Fischmarkt, I used the opportunity to use a ferry as actual transportation to get there instead of taking visitors on a cheap boat tour.

The coffee art was beautiful and the coffee itself was delicious. For me, that means I didn’t have to add much sugar. 😉 The dishes they served everything on were gorgeous and I ended up having a vegan brunch. I liked it, but I wouldn’t order it again – I’d rather go for the pancakes next time. I would definitely recommend this place if you have guests visiting or you just want to try somewhere new and cheery.

My brunch
Inside the café


Lehmweg 36, 20251 Hamburg

This place has a cult following, and for good reason. Located in one of the hippest corners of Eppendorf, Lowinsky’s is a magnetic spot where friends go to gossip over a beautifully poured flat white. The only thing stronger than the owner’s (Hillel Lowinsky) love for his craft and customers, is the coffee they serve up on a daily basis. (Seriously, it’s strong. Get an espresso here if you need to wake up.) They don’t only serve coffee to warm the soul, but an assortment of teas. And the star of the show is probably the grilled cheese sandwiches they serve, which I think rotate based on the local ingredients they can get. Year-round, they also serve up New York-style bagels with cream cheese that will make you feel like you’re a real New Yorker for a little while.

They've mastered latte art at Lowinsky's
Green tea ft. the first appearance of my partner on the blog! Hi Schatz!
You will not regret the kim chi grilled cheese. Unless you can't handle spice!


Karolinenstraße 16, 20357 Hamburg

This café has quickly become one of my favorites in the city. They only opened up this summer in a small space right next to Messehallen, but their coffee and snacks can’t be beat. They also sell grilled cheese sandwiches, but no other café can beat the prices. For a bomb grilled cheese with pesto and spinach, I remember it costing around 4 euros! Inside it’s quite small, but their outdoor area was the perfect place to catch up with a friend and catch some sun on the weekends. It’s hard to explain, but their vibes are immaculate. ✨

During the November ‘lockdown light’, Goldenblack has remained open. Thankfully so, because then I can retain a semblance of a normal weekend coffee date with friends while we push through these times. Another thing I like is that they are part of the RECUP initiative to cut down on waste and use reusable plastic to-go cups instead, on a deposit basis.

Showing off my reusable RECUP outside of Goldenblack.
The front of the café where you can catch some rays if the sun is shining.
Yummy grilled cheese with basil and tomato for only 3.80!

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