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As briefly mentioned below, I run the community Business Babes Abroad together with a team of a few other international women, . As the Communications Lead, I write almost all the copy for our social media captions. Additionally, I create a lot of the imagery and infographics used as well!


PA-100 promotional video (not yet published)

To be published, 2023

Sysmex Europe is launching a product called PA-100 which can have a significant impact on how UTIs are addressed in the point-of-care setting (e.g. onsite in general practitioners’ clinics). It is a form of antibiotic susceptibility testing and can therefore have a big impact on the overprescription of antibiotics.

To address clinicians and clinic managers in the B2B setting, a video was created to promote the PA-100 and how it can benefit them and help them help their patients. I was the lead copywriter for the script of this video, with the narrative being both scientific and emotional. We wanted to appeal to their goal of helping patients get healthy faster, as well as the factual benefits of having such a product in their office that can contribute to the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

You can view the written script here.  


Eventbrite event text, October 2022

I am a co-runner of a community focused on international career-driven women in Hamburg, Germany. We organize and put on networking events for the people in our community.

On 20 October 2022, we put on a sponsored event on the topic of investing as a woman in Germany. I wrote the copy for the event page and although we were focusing on international women living in Hamburg, I decided to include a German translation of the event description in the hopes it would boost SEO on the page. Our goal was to sell 35 tickets and we accomplished this within one week without any paid promotion. The event was amazing, with the attendees being so engaged with questions that we had to rush through some parts!

You can view the past event page here. The community Instagram page can be found here.


Sysmex Academy app promotion

Various digital promotional materials, 2022

The Sysmex Academy is a portal where scientific and operational trainings are offered to keep Sysmex customers up to date on product trainings and other relevant diagnostic trainings and webinars.


The company launched an app to further support customers in their training needs, and I wrote copy to communicate and promote the app. The promotion included a couple of informational videos, images for social media and print needs (see top left), and some web copy.

The most fun part was creating stickers (see bottom left) that will be sent to existing customers who have Sysmex solutions in their labs. The sales team often tells us that customers like to differentiate their products using signs or stickers, so we had the idea to create some catchy stickers they could put on their products and simultaneously promote the Sysmex Academy app, where they could scan and go directly to trainings at their convenience.


European Biopharmaceutical Review, Summer 2022

With liquid biopsies being hailed as a cancer management ‘game changer’, what are the respective benefits of liquid biopsies, and how has Sysmex utilised new technologies to unlock its full potential? 

This 4-page advertorial was part of the marketing and promotion activities for a new product launch at Sysmex Europe. This was a product and topic I knew very little about before writing this, but I worked together with the product manager to learn quickly and create an article that all internal stakeholders were very happy with. 

Sysmex Europe, 2022

At Sysmex Europe, I was the lead copywriter creating content for the company brochure, which is completely digital. This was an initiative started within my small team and developed in-house. The content includes the fields of activity, company history, what it is like to work for the company, sustainability, and other topics. 

Health Europa, 11 February 2022

The developing threat of antimicrobial resistance on global health is proving to be challenging. I wrote an article for Sysmex Europe outlining the burden and prevention of antimicrobial resistance and how the diagnostic industry is crucial in the fight against AMR. More specifically, I outline which Sysmex products can help contribute to the fight against AMR by aiding clinicians in treatment decisions.

Health Europa Quarterly, 1 February 2022

Chances are, you were prescribed antibiotics at least once in the last year or two. But were they really necessary? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 47 million antibiotic courses each year are prescribed unnecessarily, which is about 30% of all antibiotics prescribed.

This article explores how diagnostics can further support the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It also imagines what the future of antimicrobial stewardship could look like if coordinated awareness and policy efforts are made.

This piece was also adapted to to a digital article and appeared in the #1 news spot on Google News under the search term ‘antimicrobial resistance’. 

A Way Abroad, 6 December 2021

I wrote an article on living in Hamburg, Germany for the blog A Way Abroad. A Way Abroad is a community of hard-working travel-addicted women from around the world. Searching for that perfect foreign city to call your next home can be daunting, let alone moving there. 

On this blog, people who are considering moving abroad can get a realistic picture of daily life in cities around the world with lifestyle guides, each written by an expat currently living and working there. From logistical details to larger culture, their articles cover it all. I especially love that they recruit so many women from so many backgrounds and places in the world to write articles from their points of view.

European Biopharmaceutical Review, Autumn 2021

For Sysmex Europe GmbH, I wrote a 4-page article in the European Biopharmaceutical Review on the topic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how the diagnostic industry can contribute with newer innovations to help hinder this growing threat.


Sysmex Europe Linkedin channel, May 2021

For melanoma and skin cancer awareness month in May, I created the copy for a short informational video, as well as the corresponding caption for social media channels for Sysmex Europe. This is an example of shorter copy that I create, whether it’s for informational/awareness videos or social media captions.