fun features

Fun features

Meghan hosts the Balancing Stories podcast, which is a podcast on ‘Sharing stories about the balancing in our lives and in ourselves with culture, expectations, identity and more.

Throughout this episode, we explore the topic body image with a focus on me being a tall person. From fashion to dating, from the USA to Germany, from slouching to confident. I talk about a couple of funny experiences I’ve had when people comment on my height and of course I give some confidence and hype-up energy to fellow tall girls out there. Own it and don’t be afraid to wear heels if you want!

Click here to visit the Balancing Stories podcast episode and listen along. 

Nicole hosts the The Expat Cast podcast, which is the podcast ‘where expats share stories about fitting in, standing out, and every mishap on their journey to feeling at home abroad’.

Throughout this episode, we explore the topic of comedy in Germany. We talk about German comedies we’ve seen and enjoyed, and some things we didn’t enjoy so much – or maybe just didn’t understand. We also talk about the stand-up comedy scene in Germany and in Hamburg. We also may stir up a bit of controversy by dancing around the question: Are Germans funny?

Click here to visit The Expat Cast blog and find out where you can easily listen to the episode and laugh along with us.

Sarah Emery, A Filipina – British – American expat living in Singapore, does a monthly series called ‘Expat Dream Team’. She explains the series “The Expat Dream Team are group collaboration posts about expats from around the world.  These subject matter experts are sharing their special experiences about life overseas, and how they are thriving at the expat lifestyle.  This is the best insider information for both travel and life abroad.”

For August 2021, I was invited to give my advice on things I wish I had known before moving to Germany. I share some juicy lessons learned after many years in Germany, so make sure to check it out. 

The Daily Iowan is an independent student-run newspaper at the University of Iowa. We cover campus and Iowa City news, Hawkeye athletics, the area arts and culture scene, and Iowa politics. 

In this article, they profile Pod Across the Pond, a podcast hosted by sisters Erin and Shannon. Erin is a fellow American in Germany and University of Iowa alumna, so she suggested I be featured in the article as well. Thanks, Erin!

 Tropic Of is a community-inspired and community-built online magazine. There is an issue every quarter focusing on a different theme, typically lining up with the seasons of the year.

The topic for Spring 2021 was ‘color’. I submitted a digital illustration highlighting my wish to see more vibrant colors in the world, in particular when it comes to the clothing we wear.