June's joy report

Let’s get the obvious right out of the way – a lot of f*cked up things have transpired across the globe this month. From the full scope of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen coming to light, to the coronavirus pandemic ravaging its way through the US, to the absolute necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement – it’s been a tough one, to say the least.

However, that’s not the point of this blog post. There are so many reputable, well-researched resources on all of these topics, and I would rather lift up those voices (even with my limited reach) than potentially block them with my own blah-blah.

Where to start with BLM. → Click here.
Where to start with the Yemen crisis → Click here.
Where to start with coronavirus information → Click here.

I originally heard of this concept of the ‘joy report’ from a fellow American expat in Germany, copywriter, blogger, and coffee-lover I follow on Instagram (@alivewithanna). She said she originally got the idea from Ashlyn Sailsbury (@ashlynsailsbury on Instagram). Check out Anna’s  article here! Thank you, girls, for the inspiration! And who knows…maybe this will become a series on sounding lustig. I mean, we could all use a little extra joy, right?

Looooong summer nights

The thing about living in the North is that the highs are high and the lows are low. By that, I mean the summer days and nights are long and bright, and the winter days and nights are dark and depressing. Right now, I’m enjoying the highs of the former and soaking up every ray of sunshine I can get in the hopes of it lasting me through the winter. (Spoiler alert: it won’t.)

This was taken at 9:24pm!

My first hat in ages

I have a huge head. Seriously. You wouldn’t think so because I have one of the smallest adult faces ever, but somehow the size of my cranium where a hat sits is larger than average – at least that’s what I’ve gathered from trying on cute hats in stores over the last 10 years or so. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that some hats are being sold in multiple sizes nowadays. 


I took the plunge and bought a lavender bucket hat in a size large. I love the color and the 90s nostalgia. Plus, I can easily cover up a bad hair day. Wins all around.

Capitalizing on nostalgia is a huge market. They got me there.

Birthdays and extenuating circumstances

I have officially entered my definition of *gasp* late 20s. That’s right, I turned 28 years old in June and I’m a cancer. (Take from that what you want.😉) I took the day off from work since it was a Wednesday and due to some strange circumstances, two girlfriends were able to join me for brunch and some day-drinking at a beach bar. We had the most lovely weather that day and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I also treated myself to a couple of cool t-shirts from a local shop, which may make their way into the next joy report!

Eating like queens at Schmidtchen in Sternschanze.
What can I say? 28 years of acting like an idiot and going strong.

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  1. Anna

    Thanks for the shoutout! You’ve inspired me to abandon my hermit ways a bit and get out and enjoy some sunshine today! 🙂 happy belated birthday too!!

  2. Dakota J.

    This was so fun to read. The pandemic, as well as other things, have really made June a month to remember! I really like this idea and might give it a shot on my own blog. Thanks for sharing! I hope we can see each other soon enough.

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