My coffee obsession - Hamburg edition​

Pt. 1 (of probably many)​

I don’t mean to be too blunt, but I’m glad to see you also have a drug addiction. Gimme that warm, roasty, central nervous system-stimulating bean juice! But not without a bit of milk and sugar…sorry, I’m not that advanced yet, but working on it.

I’ve undertaken a side passion project that accompanies my main passion project quite nicely – visiting all of Hamburg’s local cafés and sharing my favorites. With that being said, these are just my personal opinions on places I’ve enjoyed and I will refrain from including ones I don’t like. Los geht’s!

Kaffee Stark​

Wohlwillstraße 18, 20359 Hamburg

Very cozy and great to have a relaxed conversation with friends, or even a date. It’s also a bar, and I haven’t been there yet in the evening, but I can imagine it’s just as cozy and relaxed to enjoy a beer on a quiet night out (Is that even possible in St. Pauli?) or before hitting the Kiez. They always offer several delicious cakes to go with your coffee and nice vegan and vegetarian options for food. There are normal tables, but also comfy chairs in the front and back to relax and have a drink. The tables may be cracked or written on, and the chairs may have rips or chunks missing, but it all just adds to the ‘St. Pauli charm’ of this place.

Can't you just imagine sitting her enjoying some Kaffee und Kuchen on a rainy day?

in guter Gesellschaft

Sternstraße 25, 20357 Hamburg

Kinda looks like my latte was previously a candle, oder?

This cute café is located between Sternschanze and St. Pauli (although closer to Sternschanze). On their website, they tout themselves as the first zero-waste café in Germany. I was not aware of this status upon my first visit, but that would probably explain the interesting containers used as glasses and the mismatching saucers. I enjoyed the coffee and the laid-back vibe from the staff, even though I was there during face mask times. In addition to the café, they have an area where they sell second-hand clothes. Makes sense, since they’re all for sustainability!

the coffeeshop

Poststraße 6A, 20354 Hamburg

The coffeeshop is one of those cafés you always see on Instagram, and rightfully so because of the view it offers. It looks out over one of Hamburg’s many canals, making it an ideal photo op. The design and decor is also very modern and minimalistic, with plenty of room for people who want to do some work on computers. Although, from what I remember, there was no free wifi for guests, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking for somewhere to work. I wouldn’t classify this cafe as ‘cozy’ per se, but more fresh and modern with tasty coffee and a scenic view. I’d recommend going there with a friend for a lovely little chat during your lunch break or a Saturday afternoon before shopping.

Enjoying a caramel latte and the view.

Mc Queen

Grandweg 66, 22529 Hamburg

Thinking about all of the cafés I’ve visited in Hamburg so far, I have to say that Mc Queen is my absolute favorite so far. The location isn’t so convenient for city-center dwellers, as it’s located in Lokstedt, but it is totally worth the trip. I honestly don’t remember how I found this café, because they do so little advertising and seem non-existent on social media. I went there one Saturday mid-morning and it was absolutely empty until about 1pm when a couple of locals came by to get their weekly fix. 


They had good coffee, an assortment of snacks, and the most wholesome ~vibe~ you could imagine. The building looks like a renovated factory loft of some sort, with some exposed brick and beams. There are plenty of plants, and the furniture is a bunch of different sets with various patterns, but they somehow fit together in the most satisfying way. What also makes this location special is the fact that they have ‘old timers’ (what Germans call vintage cars) on display and some are available for purchase. This place definitely offers many photo-ops and I could also imagine it as a nice place to rent for a small party or company event.

Where should I go next?? And would you like to join me?!

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