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Mildred is serving fashion with a flair

Mildred is always blessing my instagram feed with her beautiful face, personality, and fashion. Originally from Mexico, she’s been in Hamburg now for 5.5 years already! When she’s not working for her digital marketing agency, she’s a nanny, splitting her love of marketing and children. (Insert Hannah Montana theme song here.) In her free time she enjoys doing some creative hobbies like drawing and painting, but also reading historical fiction and biographies because she likes to be up in other people’s business. (Her words, not mine. 😃)


Keep reading to find out some great spots in Hamburg to take outfit pictures, why Mildred actually likes the rule mindset of Germany, and her feelings on snacks. 😉

What initially brought you to Germany? And is it why you’re still here?

Coming here was never considered in my plans or goals but life always give us surprises & the opportunity to live here must be my favorite so far.

Long story short, I arrived here with an au pair program, I met a lovely German/Hamburger family in México, they had been living there for 3 years because of work with their 2 kids and was time to come back to Germany, they invited me to come with them as their au pair & I said yes.

I had just graduated from Uni and a year abroad sounded like perfection back then, no one imagined that what was supposed to be 1 year would turn into 5, not even me.

What do you love most about living in Hamburg/Germany?

The ones who know me will be probably shocked by this answer but, I have to say that I love the fact that everything is so well structured here and that are rules for almost everything. This made my adulthood journey here so much easier.

And regarding Hamburg, well what can I say… This city is stunning & has everything, even real tortillas in the supermarket, well in some of them! But besides that, I really like how international & multicultural is getting around here, I love to listen conversations in different languages around the city, it is so refreshing!

What is the hardest part about living in Hamburg/Germany?

BUREAUCRACY, those visits to the ausländerbehörde always stressed me out… & maybe also to be fully integrated to the culture. I think I will never be 100% integrated to the German way of living, but come on I am Mexican, and I cannot imagine something more opposite that those 2 cultures, but we will see.

Gotta grab that coffee in Eppendorf

If you could change one thing about the expat/international life, what would it be?

Probably all the permits and paperwork we go through, I understand that this is how it works of course, and that even in our homelands we would also have to go through some bureaucracy and process to open a business or things like that but, I feel than as an expat we have to do the double of effort to get things done. But it is all part of the adventure.

As a fashion enthusiast who likes to show off her looks, can you share some of your favorite photo spots in Hamburg?

Of course! The first one it is Feenteichbrücke, the view of the Alster from there is one of the best, especially for sunset shoots.

Then is Neuer Wall, that part of the city is great if you are looking for a more urban/fancy European city kind of vibe.

And for last but not the least, the terrace of Schuldts Kaffeegarten… the view of the Elbe and Blankenesse from this spot is matchless, plus their cake is great.

Can you describe the fashion scene in Hamburg/Germany compared to Mexico? Are there more differences than similarities?

Well, I think the fashion scene in Germany depends a lot on which city you are, even with Hamburg being a stylish city (in my opinion) they are particularly sober with their color palette. Everyone seems to dress only in black, white or navy-blue items, and that is the main difference I find between the Hamburg and Mexican fashion scene… the lack of colors around here.

In México you will mostly find bold and vibrant palettes, but I think is also related to our culture, where standing out is not perceived as negative or something you should avoid unlike here.

How would you say that your style has changed over the years? And did it change after coming to Germany?

Well, I would not say that has change but it has been refined for sure. With the years I have learned what works or not with my body and that definitely helps while I do my fashion experiments.

Even though I do not think my style has changed, living in Germany did have an impact on it.

The first year and half of living here, I attempted to turn down my way of dressing in sake of fit more with the neutral/plain style around here and pass unnoticed. But in the long run I was not happy or comfortable with that decision, because that was not me, so I decided to embrace my style again and it came back even louder than before. & now I am just used to the “friendly” stares I get when I go out.


Let’s talk about your German language-learning journey. How did you start, how has the process been, how do you feel about your abilities now, etc.

Let us say that I have a personal feud with German language, for me is just an annoying request I must fulfill just because I live here but I do not like it or enjoy the process of learning it. I started back in México with a pretty basic course to get the level A1.1 that was required for the visa process, then I did some regular and intensive courses here as well.  The last test I took said that I am allegedly on level B2.1 but well I am not so sure about that, some days my brain just goes back to A0 – nada! But to be fair are times that I do not even know what I am saying while speaking Spanish, life in 3 languages can be complicated.

Tell us about a time where you said the wrong thing or misunderstood something in a funny way when speaking German.

“Geil”, no one explained to me in school that is an alternative word for cool, so you can imagine my face the first time someone used that expression in front of me… Total confusion (if you don’t speak German the literal translation to that word is “horny”).

Ah and the times I have said something wrong are plenty! But the most recent one is when I found out after 5 years, yes 5 years that I have been saying SchNüssel instead of Schlüssel (keys). Can you believe that no one ever corrected me…?

What’s your favorite German word(s) or expression(s)?

My favorite word is “Moin”, I know it is used more locally but as a good Hamburger I love to greet people that way.

You’re an Aries, which is a sign that is said to be quite competitive and driven. Would you say that is true about yourself? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not?

I think I am, but just in the things that have 100% of my interest and love.

I grew up in a really competitive environment: who was the best in class, who had the nicer writing, painting competitions, swimming tournaments, etc. And even though winning was always a good feeling, the older I got the most I realised that all those metals and diplomas did not define me and that I needed to chill more and put all my energy and focus on what is actually meaningful and important to me.

Although I have to confess, I still do 110% in an effort to give my best in any task I have… If you ask me to bring a snack to your party, I am bringing the SNACK.

I guess it’s hard to let go of old habits.

Finally, in your opinion, what makes you a Power Frau?

First, I would like to thank you for considering me for this, I am very flattered. And regarding the question well…

My personal journey in Germany has been about finding my place in the world and achieving my personal independence, and even though I am proud and happy to say that both are “missions accomplished”, it hasn’t been a piece of cake to get here, especially being so far from home and my loved ones, but when things get hard, and I feel like giving up I remind myself of everything what I have achieved till now, and all being here by myself and 9,000 km away from my country, then I just take a big breath and keep it moving.

Being a Power Frau does not mean that you never feel low or scared, it’s that despite those feelings you are able to move forward and get things done.

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